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Singular Views: Los Angeles

December 4th, 2023 to October 20, 2024


Los Angeles artists have always been a cornerstone of the Rubell Museum and in 2006 the group exhibition Red Eye: L.A. Artists from the Rubell Family Collection explored the cross-generational influences of 36 artists working between the 1980s and mid-2000s.

This exhibition, Singular Views: Los Angeles, reflects the Rubells’ continued commitment, 17 years later, to discovering and sharing new art created in this multifaceted city. Singular Views focuses on 16 artists—working across painting, sculpture, and video—who mine the psychological, emotional, and imagined spaces that compose Los Angeles, creating their own contemporary archaeology and cultural anthropology. Many of the artists utilize physical backdrops that reference storefronts, automobiles, graffiti-laden facades, and human flesh. The remnants of a post-industrial age mixed with highly personalized motifs characterize these works. 

The artworks reflect and deflect personal connections, traditions, and concerns of a culture unique to Los Angeles while recognizing origins from afar. These artists open our eyes to a new understanding of life in the diversely complex landscape that is Los Angeles.

Diana Yesenia Alvarado / Mario Ayala / Danie Cansino / Nehemiah Cisneros / Karon Davis / Noah Davis / Sharif Farrag / Sayre Gomez / Alfonso Gonzalez Jr. / Trulee Hall / Lauren Halsey / Thomas Houseago / Savannah Claudia Levin / Patrick Martinez / Devin Reynolds

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