Rubell Museum Miami Debuts Four New Exhibitions during Miami Art Week:

Basil Kincaid: Spirit in the Gift

Alejandro Piñeiro Bello

Singular Views: Los Angeles

Collection Highlights


Miami, FL—November 28, 2023—The Rubell Museum Miami announced today that it will open a slate of new exhibitions during Miami Art Week 2023, showcasing work by the Museum’s Knight Foundation-supported 2023 artists-in-residence Basil Kincaid and Alejandro Piñeiro Bello, as well as Singular Views: Los Angeles, encompassing solo presentations by LA-based contemporary artists. Also on view will be a reinstallation of the Museum’s beloved Collection Highlights, drawn from the Rubell Family’s expansive collection of contemporary art and spotlighting works by Sonia Boyce, Cecily Brown, Nick Cave, Yayoi Kusama, Kerry James Marshall, Tschabalala Self, and Purvis Young, among others. The Collection Highlights exhibition is accompanied by the publication of Collection Highlights and Artist Writings, the most comprehensive catalogue of the Rubell Family’s collection history and holdings to date. These exhibitions will be on long-term view through November 2024.


From December 4, 2023, the Rubell Museum debuts the work of the 2023 participants in its acclaimed artist-in-residence program, Basil Kincaid and Alejandro Piñeiro Bello, through solo exhibitions culminating their time at the Museum, Basil Kincaid: Spirit in the Gift and Alejandro Piñeiro Bello. The post-disciplinary practice of Basil Kincaid, a St. Louis-born artist who splits their time between the U.S. and Africa, examines relationships between ancestry, place, and the contemporary constructed self. Throughout their work, Kincaid incorporates quilting, collaging, photography, installation, performance, and the use of found materials. Havana-born, Miami-based artist Piñeiro Bello focuses his practice on the Caribbean diaspora, Cuba, and the surrounding island nations’ cultural identities, imagery, and history. He paints the sociocultural mystic splendor of the Caribbean’s culture using traditional materials, such as oil on raw linen or burlap, and works with a strong color palette to create images that capture the region’s fecundity.
20231204 G23 08


Extending the Rubells’ multi-generational family passion for discovering and supporting many of today’s most compelling artists, Singular Views: Los Angeles highlights the work of 16 emerging and mid-career LA-based artists with whom the Rubells interacted through studio visits, new commissions, and fostering ongoing relationships. These works, most of which are on public view for the first time, are presented through solo presentations that spotlight each artist’s individual creative approach, inviting visitors to explore the artistic styles, mediums, and subjects that contemporary LA practitioners are engaging in their practices. Singular Views: Los Angeles features:

Diana Yesenia Alvarado / Mario Ayala / Danie Cansino / Nehemiah Cisneros / Karon Davis / Noah Davis / Sharif Farrag / Sayre Gomez / Alfonso Gonzalez Jr. / Trulee Hall / Lauren Halsey / Thomas Houseago / Savannah Claudia Levin / Patrick Martinez / Devin Reynolds
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The Rubell Museum also welcomes audiences to experience a fresh reinstallation of its Collection Highlights, featuring significant works spanning painting, sculpture, and installation drawn from the Rubell Family’s expansive collection of over 7,700 works. This newest iteration also coincides with the release of the comprehensive catalogue Collection Highlights and Artist Writings, a 288-page hardcover publication detailing the Rubell Family’s decades-long history of identifying, engaging with, and supporting leading artists of the day and building a world-renowned contemporary art collection. Among the exhibition highlights are works by:

El AnatsuiJohn BaldessariJean-Michel BasquiatChristian BoltanskiSonia BoyceMark BradfordCecily BrownMiriam CahnMaurizio CattelanNick CaveRobert ColescottCui JieAlexandre DiopMarlene DumasSônia GomesJenna Gribbon / Mark HandforthKeith HaringKarl HaendelHe XiangyuBarkley L. HendricksDamien HirstRashid JohnsonAnselm KieferJeff KoonsYayoi KusamaDoron LangbergGlenn LigonLiu WeiKerry James MarshallRodney McMillianJuanita McNeelyTakashi MurakamiYoshitomo NaraCady NolandRichard PrinceNeo RauchSterling RubyTschabalala SelfAya TakanoRosemarie TrockelKaari UpsonPaloma Varga WeiszKehinde WileyKennedy YankoPurvis Young / Lisa YuskavageZhu Jinshi
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“The Museum’s new exhibitions advance our mission to share our collection with audiences from our local community and around the world, and to foster public dialogue about the approaches contemporary artists take to investigate the most important issues of our day,” said Mera Rubell. “From the culmination of our annual artist residency to new commissions stemming from recent studio visits to collection highlights, visitors can explore a vast range of contemporary art and consider how these works reflect the conditions, experiences, and perspectives that both shape and define our present culture.”